Cross-Flow Treatment of PFAS in Water: Materials Challenges and Potential Solutions

Recent advances in materials research on thin-film composite (TFC) membranes, which have shown highly efficient PFAS removal from water, are drawing significant attention within the scientific community. February 10, 2021 | Accounts of Materials Research

Fabrication of a near-infrared excitation surface molecular imprinting ratiometric fluorescent probe for sensitive and rapid detecting perfluorooctane sulfonate in complex matrix

A molecularly imprinted near-infrared excitation ratiometric fluorescent probe was constructed and employed to determine PFOS, having potential PFOS determination in surface water, human serum and egg extract sample analyses. February 10, 2021 | Journal of Hazardous Materials

Uptake and translocation of perfluoroalkyl acids by hydroponically grown lettuce and spinach exposed to spiked solution and treated wastewaters

Results showed that PFAAs in lettuce and spinach crop tissues increased at increasing PFAAs water values. February 2, 2021 | Science of the Total Environment