Composting Operation and Related Companies Face PFAS Contamination Lawsuit in Massachusetts

Two couples from Massachusetts filed a proposed class action accusing several companies of allegedly contaminating a town’s underground drinking water supply with PFAS through use or management of a local composting facility. August 2, 2022 | Ryan et al. v. Grief Inc. et al. Case No. 4:22-cv-40089 (D.Ma.)

Boston Firefighters Allege Injury from Exposure to Fire-Suppressing Foam and Protective Uniforms

Boston-area firefighters have filed a lawsuit against 3M, DuPont, and other manufacturers alleging that exposure to PFAS in fire-suppressing foam and protective uniforms worn to incidents was a “substantial factor” to the firefighters’ later development of cancer. Among other claims, plaintiffs contend 3M and DuPont specifically, have “long known about the serious and significant impacts…